Sprinkle the fine seeds onto the substrate and press down gently, do not cover with soil. Havana tobacco is widely renowned as the flavorful leaf of the infamous Cuban cigar. If the tobacco is too dry, there is no aging and if it is too moist, there will be decay of the leaves. Annual plant for the garden (under tropical conditions, Havana tobacco may be perennial). Tobacco can grow just about anywhere. The first harvest would be at or soon after topping and when the leaves show a slight yellowing. Transplanting tobacco is very similar to transplanting other garden plants. Tobacco should be grown in a sunny location on well-drained soils. Whitty2. dark, strong tobacco, ideal for cigar production, also suitable for strong cigarettes and pipe blends. Drought stress could limit growth on excessively drained soils unless irrigation is provided. Leaves are darker, long and narrow, and offer a good high yield harvest. All commercial tobacco is aged for a year or more before it is used. If rows are used, space the plants about 24 inches apart. Hardy to Zone 8, this is the preferred species of the tobacco industry. However, you might be surprised to know Havana 608 seed is also good for growing chewing tobacco. Several pests can be problems for tobacco. Newsletter . While some tobacco plants are grown around the home for ornamental purposes, which includes the flowers, plants that are grown for cured tobacco should normally be topped as soon as the flower forms. As in plant production, the fertilizer should contain little or no chlorine and most of the nitrogen should be in the nitrate form. The practice of smuggling out Cuban seeds was of enough concern that in 2007 the Cubans started growing a hybrid varietal called Capero Uno that produced no flowers and, therefore, no seeds. "They've been spliced, cross pollinated and grown in Ecuador in very small quantities," explains Quesada of this wrapper. The growers can own up to 165 acres (67 ha) for tobacco cultivation, but most plots are less than 10 acres (4 ha). Rows should be 42-48 inches apart. Space plants 2' apart. Get the best deals for havana tobacco seeds at eBay.com. Many growers find Havana 142 makes an excellent cigarette tobacco. An excellent tobacco for blending or smoking on its own Pay with any major credit card using PayPal: pack of 200 seeds $4.95 pack of 500 seeds $9.95 pack of 1000 seeds $15.95 Havana Tobacco. An excellent tobacco for blending or smoking on its own. Harvesting could be accomplished by either removing leaves from the stalk in the field and curing them or by cutting the stalk off at ground level and hanging the entire stalk in the curing facility for the leaves to cure. Germinates at approx. Sign up for our Newsletter. Annual plant for the garden (under tropical conditions, Havana tobacco may be perennial). They’re not hard to hide and put in your pocket as you fly from Havana to, say, Managua. Get A FREE Catalog. Life they say started with Adam and Eve, try Havana and Virginia in this scenario. Avoid planting tobacco on soil infested with nematodes and diseases. 1x free random tobacco plant . Aging may require as long as 5-6 years and does not occur unless temperature and moisture conditions are favorable. It has a mild taste with medium nicotine content. What varieties of tobacco seed are available? Harden off and plant out in May. Unfortunately the proper temperature and moisture content vary widely. Plant produces high yields and good quality tobacco leaves. Topping, or removal of the terminal bud, allows the upper leaves to get larger and thicker than they would in an uptopped condition. In fact, there’s no wrong way to grow tobacco, as long as the soil drains properly. Newsletter . Home > Flower Seeds > Nicotianas - Tobacco > Havana Tobacco. Commercial varieties of tobacco were developed for certain characteristics that may be of little or no importance to home gardeners. Tobacco seeds are planted in late October. Quesada's Tributo brand is a perfect example of modern tobacco. If there is a particular tobacco leaf that you do not see on our website, please Contact Us. This is a wonderful tobacco leaf for cigars, making a good filler and binder that imparts a deep, rich flavor to cigars. 20 °C. Many growers find Havana 142 makes an excellent cigarette tobacco. On the following pages you will find all you need to know about the numerous Tobacco plant varieties we have to offer. We'll send you special offers, how-to guides, and seasonal information. Transplanting should be after there is no further danger of freezing temperatures. Soon after the top is removed, and before if topping is delayed, axillary buds or suckers develop at each leaf. Cuban cigars plant legal seeds for U.S. future. Tobacco can be grown on poorly-drained soils if the rows or hills are bedded and ditches or furrows are used to remove excess water. The soil you ultimately choose will affect the strength and color of your tobacco leaves, so your choice resides s… Nicotiana tabacum L. [ Approximately 100 seeds per packet ] 'Havana 322' plants grows to about forty-eight inches tall when topped, but reach up to seven feet when allowed to develop flower heads with their attractive pink flowers. The best way for the home gardener to prevent the suckers from reducing yield and quality is to remove them by hand. The typical feature is a pretty white flower. Independent research continued until in 1937 the industry established the first Experimental Research Station at San Juan y Martinez. Also used as a chewing tobacco, Havana plants will produce good quantities of flavorful leaves, and are somewhat more tolerant of cooler temperatures than other tobaccos. Proper curing should take a few weeks in order to have good quality. If lime is needed to raise the pH, use dolomite in order to get the magnesium nutrient which is important for plant growth.