Les réactions d'addition sont conditionnées par la possession par les composés chimiques concernés de liaisons multiples, les éventuelles liaisons triples devenant des liaisons doubles ou simples, les liaisons doubles devenant des liaisons simples. When uncolored, it is translucent but not transparent. The products of extrusion are generally called "extrudates". Edition Notes. In addition polymerization, the monomer molecules bond to each other without the loss of any other atoms. Molecular weight of addition polymers is integral multiple of monomer’s molecular weight. This feature is not available right now. By the steady addition of large amounts of monomer, the very fast reaction is kept running. TextMap: Beginning Chemistry (Ball et al. Examples of addition polymers include polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinylchloride, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc. max-width: 100vw; nCH 2 = CH 2 → − (CH 2CH 2)n − } Chain initiation—usually by means of an initiator which starts the polymerization process. Parce que des exemples de polymérisation d'addition sont difficiles à démontrer, ou pour les étudiants de s'expérience, cette expérience est importante soit comme une démonstration des enseignants ou comme une expérience de classe. Very low molecular weights are obtained. Typically, compression molding machines open along a vertical axis. An addition polymer is a polymer that forms by simple linking of monomers without the co-generation of other products. can be used to make polymers. made when many smaller molecules join together, end to end. /*