SAT has over 15 years of experience working on a variety of projects. In that time, we have worked onsite at many well known engine development facilities and highly respected organizations. We bring this experience to you while being flexible to adapt to your changing project needs. We have expertise and proven success in these primary areas:

  • Engine and aftertreatment calibration
  • Hybrids (integration, development, testing)
  • Prototype electronics


For a partial list of organizations we have been fortunate to work with or out of in the past, please click here.

Below is a partial list of some of the exciting projects we are proud to have contributed to in the past:

PHEV Development

SAT has been fortunate to help with various PHEV programs.  We have worked with customers refining current products and on developing new products.  Below are some of the roles SAT has had on past programs:Eaton Hybrid Description

  • Designed engine control SW for implementing hybrid functionality (torque intervention and start/stop)
  • Developed requirements for and validated ECU to Hybrid Control Module communication
  • Performed engine and hybrid calibration to optimize driveability, fuel economy, and emissions
  • Debugged system interactions (motor, inverter, DC/DC converter, engine, gateway, etc…)
  • Tested and validated system per requirements


Prototype Electronics

SAT has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to quickly meet most smaller electronic needs.  We specialize in low volume (1-100) development controllers with fast turnaround which traditional suppliers do not support.  Below are several examples of projects we have completed for our customers:Prototype Box

  • Controller to convert CAN signals to analog voltages
  • Controller to convert analog voltages to CAN signals
  • Controller to convert LIN messages to CAN messages
  • Controller to provide closed-loop rail pressure control
  • CAN gateway to transfer data from one CAN bus to another


Production Vehicle Launch

SAT has assisted a major OEM with development of a new diesel engine.  We were fortunate to contribute to the program from the initial research phase through launch.  Below are a few of the areas we assisted:F-550

  • Steady-state and transient emissions
  • Driveability
  • NTE
  • AECD
  • Altitude and ambient extremes
  • Boost and EGR control


 Warranty Reduction

SAT has successfully contributed to several warranty reduction programs.  We have experience resolving PHEV, diesel, and gasoline warranty and customer concerns.  Below are some of the responsibilities SAT has taken on past projects:

  • Compiled warranty data and customer concerns
  • Performed testing to replicate each concern
  • Identified SW and HW solutions to address each issue
  • Tested and validated each of the solutions
  • Implemented updates on the fleet


Emissions Research and Development

SAT has worked on several programs to reduce feedgas and tailpipe emissions.  Below are some of the areas we have concentrated on:

  • Steady-state and transient emissions calibrations
  • EGR system
    • HPEGR
    • LPEGR
    • Mixing
    • Distribution
    • Cooler and valve fouling
  • Boost system
  • Combustion bowls and nozzles
  • Cooling loops
  • Development, debugging, and validation of new control strategies
  • Sensor and calibration robustness and impact on feedgas emissions
  • Urea system
    • Dosing
    • Transient control
    • Heater
  • LNT
    • Lean/rich switching
    • DeSOx
  • LNC
  • DPF
    • Active regeneration
    • Passive regeneration
    • Fueling optimization
  • Aftertreatment layout
  • Sensor and calibration robustness and impact on tailpipe emissions


Advanced HCCI Project

SAT has had the exciting opportunity to work on an advanced research HCCI project.  During this program we successfully extended the boudary of stable HCCI operation.  Some of the enablers for this project included:

  • High pressure and low pressure EGR
  • Variable compression ratio
  • Advanced boost system
  • Rapid prototype control system
  • Implemented new control strategies


Resolution of Field Reliability Issues in Small Engine Application

One of the more unique projects we contributed to was a resolve a common customer complaint for a small off-road utility vehicle.  The success of this work led to additional warranty work and a proven process for resolving warranty concerns.  Below is a brief description of this project:

  • Given the customer complaint
  • Performed engine testing on small water brake dyno to document customer issue
  • Identified root cause of customer concern
  • Provided solution to root cause and demonstrated solution on dyno
  • Program fix was implemented
  • Customer complaints solved with no further issues