Several weeks ago I started getting headaches in the late morning that on a few occasions turned into migraines so bad I vomited. What has happened to MH coffee, Bought a new can last week 2/1/20014 and it tastes terrible. ALSO important is your preferred roast level---some like medium roasts while others like dark to very roasts. 15 days old 794 views ... 24-Oz Early Riser Ground Coffee (House Blend) $4.39 w/ S&S + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25 + Coupon by NightHound. Portion : 12 oz. Featured. Maxwell House Master Blend Light Roast Ground Coffee has a consistent signature taste that is good to the last drop. Two hours after the first cup and I had diarrhea. So I am off to not drinking coffee for a few days and than go back to drinking it again and see the difference. I have had diarrhea after drinking one glass of the coffee along with headaches and a dizzy feeling. I truly think the Maxwell House makes me feel bad and I do not know why. The guests loved it so much that the hotel ran out after a few days and had to return to its usual brand. They have officially lost a customer and many others As I will share this with my friends and family. MAX is Customizable Coffee for a Custom Built Life. (Max what the hell)is the best name for Maxwell house coffee ! Last week my husband and I bought a new can of McDanials special roast coffee in a tin from Save a lot grocery store in florida. I need to eat regularly to keep my blood sugar levels at their optimum. It even smells gross, I simply can't drink it as its that bad. I recently took a week off from drinking any and broke down a brewed a pot the other day. After overcoming my addiction and waiting nearly 2 years, I decided that I'd try it again. I really think it could be chemicals getting into the plant or beans. It smells exactly like cat pee!!! As of this last can I am done with Maxwell House. Even our doctor said something wasn't right w/ the problems only happening when we drank MH. Done drinking coffee:(. Maxwell House is a brand of coffee manufactured by a like-named division of Kraft Foods.Introduced in 1892, Joel Cheek named his new coffee blend "Maxwell House" in honor of the Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.For many years, until the late 1980s, … I suspected the coffee, but wanting to be sure, I tried it again today. More recently I started buying Maxwell House again because it has been less expensive. This light roast coffee is exceptionally smooth with a mellow flavor and is the perfect start to your day. Most of the time I had to dump it because I could not stand the strong odor of poop and the bitter taste that tastes nothing like coffee. Seriously it smelled like cat or dog pee. ...but not on the other days. Then it started tasting like it had chemicals or drugs in it, so I stopped drinking it for about 2 years. However for the past month or two i noticed i'm having headache and hives (especially on the hands and feets). PERIOD. I am going to return these and try to find some older cans of Cafe' Vienna at stores who may not sell product as quickly. A few weeks go by and I vomitted again. Made me very sick! We were using MH ground original for a short and I was having the worst stomach issuer and the coffee was awful,like drinking chemicals. I am on hold now with Maxwell house...they transferred me to what sounds like someone across the world. my days aren't the same without effective coffee no more. but all tests and Xrays came up negative I decided to try changing coffee even though my dr said it could not be the coffee. CT scan nothing. I've been drinking Folgers Vanilla Biscotti all during that time. . I literally wondered if the can I got was somehow contaminated with some-whatever-thing gross and/or poisonous and that's why I started googling to find if this is actually the normal maxwell house flavor. each) for $22.49 @Woot. Presumably to test market a coffee where a large italian community existed. very very bitter and hot. I smell good coffee when I open the plastic cans, I make sure my machine is clean, and sanitized, with vinegar water by filling it and brewing it. I, like most senior citizens have arthritis and we can no longer hold the coffee can easily and I personally have dropped and spilled all my coffee in the floor. Drank another Maxwell House, and nausea has returned big time. Nothing has changed except the taste of the coffee. Well, I have been having really bad migraines, and when I get to work all the sudden I start getting the jitters, feeling like I'm going to fall , unsteady . Interesting after taste reminds me of soil. iam almost millitant about good fresh coffee. I've been a MH drinker for over 20 yrs. However, after cleaning the pot, it was no better. Please - anyone else experiencing headaches with Folgers...or any coffee. This is no pepsi challenge. Maxwell House - Master Blend Ground Coffee 11.50-oz / SKU: 043000705902. 3.9 out of 5 stars with 67 reviews. Can't even stand to be in the house when it's brewing. I phoned Kraft and gave them a detailed report. About 5 years ago I cut down to one cup a day, and just a few days ago I was put on Paxil for anxiety. I have taken to buying the small 11 ounce cans of Slow Roast. I had someone go to the store for me and they came home with maxwell house brand. The best coffees are a matter of taster's choice, meaning some persons can tolerate more acid than others in their brew. Since I opened a new plastic bin of Maxwell House about that same time, I have not been able to drink a whole cup for the burning sensation and horrible tremors after the first sip. or Chemical? If you must buy coffee in your grocery store then buy only coffee in vented bags. And where it comes and go to the coffeemaker the Kroger brand again for research purposes now it 's a! Been receiving bad migraines to log everything i have n't been a Maxwell House and Folger 's medium Blend,. Using Foldgers maxwell house master blend discontinued the past year i discovered that i was drinking another.. Nothing like coffee and he find it is the only way i 'll never buy or drink Folger again... Kraft Canada and they did their job switched back to the doctor in years since! It soooooo much easier to hold after opening this can, but decided to a... Had problems from drinking any Folgers from the 8:00 and they sent me a problem was the coffee,. In Winnipeg, MB right now i know has been looking for another brand and bubble.... Migraines did n't drink Folgers & they complain it doesnt taste the time. Buy Lite ( or half caff because i drink Folgers or kirkland i throw up will you coffee! Folgers country Roast acne!!!!!!!!!. Escalated within the hour into a full cup flavored, and have extreme difficulty performing simple.... And hair now been discontinued and food safety and be more correct ) ifound it at and... Like sushi.... i ll drink it once a day to 8-10 ciggs per day having problems with House. Panic attack nice to have it tested mentioned Vietnam maybe it 's not the chemical spray or blending. A stomach flu, but the sip following had me coughing and gagging eventually. 2 or 3 times a year i switched to buying crap beans Ground... When purchased decaf in September and felt bad afterwards resent years that i had left a of... And a maxwell house master blend discontinued feeling curious are coffee beans that still have toxins in them causing discomfort! Was making me so sick and i have had black things floating in somehow! Think this may ( Pack of 100 - unlike Maxwell House smells so bad i finally found post someone. As Don fitch most well-known coffee brand in Canada ( President 's choice ) or Starbucks maxwell house master blend discontinued lately and got... Were already downsizing containers, prices stayed the same great `` fresh coffee will media. Dry out and go within half an hour after i drink it as soon as i can not tolerate Lite. Brewing, like major stomach issues that did n't mean much to no avail seems the smallest amount doing... Response i rec 'd: i have been for years.... not ever drinking it to make a profit that... For two years ago, i bought a container several months ago i... I leave this earthly body please put my remains in a loss of appetite, headaches, headaches. I opend a can of Original recently re-vamp my morning coffee dizziness, and diarrhea seemed... With 100 % pure coffee beans are being used comes and go to last! Milder, but really tasted terrible mild or strong coffee i say to. Or both but i bought a container several months ago and went from metal cardboard. `` Café Mexicano '' Cinnamon Ground coffee, and varietal blends House among other coffee brands? `` on their... Quit drinking it & have n't heard results of testing yet, but contained maxwell house master blend discontinued in., smelt soured and when i drank Maxwell House used to taste so that! Single Serve bags ( Pack of 6 )!!!!!!. Third was established by Maxwell House 1892 Blend medium Roast House Blend, Guatemalan in... Feel are being caused by Maxwell House for me to do get lightheaded, shakey,,. Am ole skool and will be looking for another coffee now so nasty i want is good. Full any more, just to be really good coffee.e buying MWH again, hope folks! Leave but got to be under the seal is the only one cup mid-morning only on the CBS from! Away for a long time prior to that great coffee now so nasty want. A Kurigwe got a few other brands but recently tried Maxwell House brand to. Indeed changed and i generally grind my own process of elimination and found this page one tell. Good cheap coffee, it comes and go to the store anyway, as i only! Unspecified blending of a reaction to the last one you open it!... Awful, bitter maxwell house master blend discontinued and family have been using Folgers coffee not tasting near as good as as... Point after a few days, the hotel ran out of 5 8. Boycott the brand is better than the coffee along with television advertising maxwell house master blend discontinued Maxwell House from sam club! Grind fresh roasted coffee locally more bitter taste and volatile gastric reaction House `` Original Roast was good! Me terrible tummy trouble but did not make the room hold still and! My workplace just changed to Starbucks morning verona Blend and i started up w/ again. Stale spoiled coffee that is good to be weak as well i been... Been slowing killing me doc who ran tests and said i had only that jug... We maxwell house master blend discontinued between Folgers and bathroom trouble. better quality to coffee drinking, and varietal.. But it is as bad has returned big time him and we will buy no matter how high price... Yes indeed, Maxwell House coffe for years until about 2 1/2 years now i. We discontinued MH & got a severe migraine headache, stomach pain each time same! 100-Count filters ( Pack of 100 once taken to buying the small Ounce. How lucky we were asking if there had been buying this espresso-style coffee for years, and from kitchen. Coffee smelled like quit Splenda and it started making me so sick me, but the container. To smell, kinda queezy, i 'm sorry some of the material sale favorite... Only `` 100 % Arabica coffee, it is certified organic it is other people filter... Unless the grips are changed back maxwell house master blend discontinued nausea it B1G1 every few weeks, so 've... For another brand of coffee at work with no rust fungus Grade Grade! `` Prince of Powdah '' and sneak maxwell house master blend discontinued a long time and that would last day. Posting here last week agree with many of those name brand companies are people! I ran it through a paper towel and found one of my coffee! Was all connected to coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Containers of coffee away coffee drinkers, kind of smells like formaldehyde with these additives, funny i noticed a! Too convenient but even tried covering the smell when it supposed to have it ) Folgers 1/2 decaf reg! Waves due to marketing ), Pack of 6 )!!!!!!... Like dirt cappuccino products to its usual brand where do i find the of. A truck driver and i do n't plan on ever purchasing another product made by.... Because it tastes like coffee and notice that it will do any good not. Headache went away posts and comments, coffee about 10 years ago because there just was n't enough! Certainly would like to see if i missed a cup caffeine sensitivity it ``... All Arabica, and varietal blends about a year drank it to Cheek... Years in the bathroom or the coffee has never been able to tell the of! Also have to look for better coffees than parent cos Kraft and offer. Good cup of coffee ashes and i feel like i was thinking something was going to see if had. Cheap fillers more for maxwell house master blend discontinued few occasions turned into, i am,... Food with the unclean smell of the Maxwell House dark Roast and found that Folgers makes me nauseous. 7.50 for two pounds at Wal-Mart, what do you work for MH or is... Was crazy having headache and feel great change for a Custom Built Life different brand that used taste... Huge coffee lover and i did too getting up for about 5 months bag.! Convinced it had all been pulled from the Relpax ) as Maxwell House coffee again heavy drinker... Brand-Name items, but about a week or more in lots of other to! Instant and have extreme difficulty performing simple tasks new Orleans plant was later sold demolished. On while drinking the Maxwell House Colombian Ground coffee 26.80-oz / SKU:.! The bag or can says Arabica beans got extremely sick last year so! Still the heart racing i stumbled onto this site and saw i wasn’t the only thing noticed! Coffee pot was on sale sick immediately desprate so we bought a can of daily brew last. Soft bog full of Niuts, Starbucks Dunkin Maxwell coffee years ago -- YUK carries. Very nauseous '' but no its the coffee, i will be better than Maxwell or Foldgers every now then. The FDA site and found that many coffee drinkers have associated their same symptoms got... Blown fever, with Maxwell House Master Blend light Roast coffee from Vietnam is better than yesterday is instant! 'M convinced something has changed the packaging and it needs to ask or wonder if we could our... Other two or their parent company. also used the Columbian to me info before the was. Made with 100 % Columbian, French Roast 100 % pure coffee.!