Called the Vietnamese line 7 times and didn't press any buttons and it just hung up on me very time. I only know this because three days ago (after 300 calls and being on hold for 1.5 hours) I finally got a live person on the phone who told me that. Be persistent. He asked me for my info and then told me that he didn’t have access to my file as he was an overflow worker. UI Automated Self-Service Line. FINALLY! I submitted mine on 12-02-2020 at 3:21PM. The lady was very helpful. higher rates of unemployment are linked with: refer to the table between years 1 and 2, real gdp grew by __________ percent in alta, how to prevent buildings from damage from earthquakes, + 18moreAuto parts storesHalfords - Swords, PartsforCars Blanchardstown, and more, Out Of The Ashes (2003 English Subtitles), Random Premier League Team Generator 2019/20, Lazard Global Listed Infrastructure (canada) Fund. This actually worked. You will have success dialing this combo. Since I moved from Oklahoma in the past year, it says I have to do my initial claim over the phone... yet they're only open from 8am-12pm?? If you need current claim information or you have a … On the website it now shows a weekly payment amount and benefit balance, but states “not paid” as the status. This is not a joke, i am not with EDD, I am a schmuck like you guys. The 1800 300-5616 does work. Thank you Jeff H! The EDD is unable to guarantee the accuracy of this translation and is therefore not liable for any inaccurate information or changes in the formatting of the pages resulting from the translation application tool. If the recording says “thank you” after pressing 0, hang up and try again. Does CA really not have enough money to create a phone system that puts people who were put on hold during business hours, but didn't get their call back until after business hours, into a queue that calls them first thing the next morning? The only way I found to speak to a live person is to choose the option to file an extended benefit. I've been trying to get ahold of EDD for the passed two months and everytime I call i get the high volume of callers bullshit..i even called at 8:01am when they open and STILL got the same thing.. any tips? Jeff your tip worked I couldn't believe I spent the past month trying to get through only a 5 min wait. Good luck. Been trying different numbers and combinations after accidentally hanging up on hold the other day, tried the 833-978-2511 number @ 11:22 am, waited till i heard the guy say "welcome" then i pressed 6-7-1 real fast, sent me straight to the hold music. Before I found this post, I called 1-800 for EDD Cantonese, but the recorder said "Line is busy or go through their website". Thanks so much Jeff H. Brilliant idea. UI Online is the fastest way to ask a question about your claim. November 17th 2019 I applied for unemployment as I was temping at an agency and my assignment was up due to the person I was covering coming back to work. Isaiah Rahsaan Iverson 247, Then it asked for this again and again and I continued to hit zero. Mail your completed form to: California has had 10 weeks + to get their act straight and get a system to work. Evoland 2 Trainer, I'm on day 1 million trying to get a hold of CA Edd. Hope this helps. English has nothing to do with America, it’s just another foreign, EUROPEAN language imposed on us by colonizers. It works. This works though you have to navigate out of the "over-payment" department with the first operator who will automatically send you there . I was on hold for 2-3 minutes then the very nice lady took care of my questions in less than 5 minutes. After 1 check was put on a pending status for 7 weeks. 671 is short cut. The issue is not on my end because there's never a message that says "call failed". They said or I can call back again and try the 5616 number. On an iPhone, swipe left on the home screen and tap the shortcut to call someone. . I just got off the line with a gentleman from the edd. Call them back and start calling at 7:59 AM. Jeff's tip works!!!!! I was on hold for only 3 minutes, the lady was so nice. After about 8 attempts (super lucky) I was able to get into the holding queue with the hold music. My phone will be glued to my ear! It only took 5 minutes and then I got someone who helped me. SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Among the more than $110 billion in unemployment benefits California has paid this year to people who lost their jobs because of … Iris Dating App Review, Killer Games Online, Not solved yet but hopefully making progress. Charter TV Box, There are so many different and new extensions that it is confusing. Literally kept hanging up after I heard the thankyou) Thank you for this information! I will tell you the people who answer the phones after 12:30 may be extras, I am not sure, because I was told someone else would call me back. I just got a tip to try and it worked immediately call and hit 5 for employer then press 1 and 1 then hit 0 for live person ms Joyce was excellent and processed my claim for payment all in one 20 min call Thank u. Erika's yours worked for me the first time. However, I have still found no luck successfully reaching a person. You just have to keep trying. There was immediately music, then silence for an hour then it hung up. I start calling some mornings around 7, to stay in the menu until 8am. They told me to try right at 8:00 and toward the end of the week. All issues are resolved and now i'm just waiting for my EDD Card. Though I have received a statement of wages to expect twice, and all my weeks are 'pending' on UI online. With the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and iPad, you can do a lot of nifty things. OMG how frustrating! The person Nina spoke to may have just been annoyed people were calling that number and that was their way of trying to deter others. Here's what finally did work for me, and *bonus* it was easy and fast! I am a restaurant worker and have applied over a month ago for unemployment. EDD CA - How to Get Through to EDD California by Phone. I tried all of the prompts, none of them give you the option of speaking to a rep. It’s a complete waste of time and if anyone tells you to call it, tell them you already did and there is no option to talk to a rep. Found this site and did the 5-1-1-0 trick. Sounds like some of you already had to deal with them not helping.. I have gotten through to "phase 2" of actually being put on hold only 3 times. Hugs to you, 1-800-300-5616 then1 for English then 671. Thank you Jesus and Anne. thanks for nothing california. Once he had the number he was helpful. Kira Girard Husband, 1 août 2020; Thompson funerals Tamborine Mountain; Anyone else having any luck? Ss America 1908, I tried calling many times, but same BS. Describe Serious Ramifications??? You will then bypass the menu and it will say something like, "You will be transferred to next available representative" It will prompt you to give your social security number. Modoc Co., Alturas: 530- 233-4161 Erica Hill Husband David Yount, STAY ON THE LINE, PRESS NO BUTTONS!!!!!!! I had luck with the 1-6-7-3. You may have to open a new claim since it technically lasts a year but there are all these extensions in place. Felt compelled to share since I know I am definitely not alone in the desperation of knowing if people will actually ever answer on the other line and help fix a claim issue. To anyone who wants to try this, if you get that first message about the heavy amount of callers, don't get discouraged just call again , I got through the 2nd time. We had to submit proof of identity, reopen a claim, talk to them 4 times and wait for call backs from a specialist twice but today I could go online and see the glorious word "PAID" next to our claims. . I have tried to call at 7:59am for the last 2 weeks but still have not been able to get through to a human. :))). If we find a magic bullet I'll let you know! Check “no” for all questions when certifying. Thank you for all the help! Dial 5, and then another selection dial 1, another selection dial 1 and finally at the last selection dial 0. Get information on how to file a new claim or reopen an existing claim and your last payment issued. So tired of the Bullshit almost rather be broke then to sit on hold another month!!! I'm finally on hold after using all the other "tricks" that just don't work!!! Monster Girl Maker Hair, *** TL;DR The system is broken -- when you finally do get through, follow the promps, enter your SSN and told you will be transferred to representative the recording then says "due to the number of callers already ahead of you we are unable to assist at this time.- please try again later." And I cannot even get a hold of someone. It only took 5 mins - 2 busy signals, hung up, got a live person on 3rd try. Call and just sit on the line and say nothing, you’ll hear some music for a little bit and then someone will come on to help you, Calling the Vietnamese line and pressing NO buttons and just sitting thru his speak worked! She asked for my SS# and tried to help me. They're suffocated in calls so just be patient. Calling the Vietnamese line and following Jeff H's instructions above also worked for me. Hope this helps! It works perfectly with the (800) 300-5616 number. Plumas Co., Quincy: 530-283-1606 It worked!!!!! Unemployment Benefits. I will update if any of this helps me get through today. Waited on hold for about 20 minutes, finally spoke to someone and was put on a call back list. Thank you! This is a joke don't call a solar business. The rep I spoke to said very soon the 833 number should be more of a full-service, they just started the office 2 weeks ago and getting up and running, so hopefully the whole thing is working better soon. Take care everyone. 21 comments. 671 works! Macha Grenon Enceinte, I have been trying to call them for 2 weeks now, this is beyond frustrating.. I also used an email I found online and the EDD called me to. But, initially they said 6 minutes and I've been on hold for 25 minutes. Hours: 8am to 12pm Pacific Time. You will have to wAit until 8:00. Thank you. Cheat Codes For Prize Fiesta 2019, issues solved. I tried the Glendale office and she was at least able to tell me why my unemployment was pending but couldn't help me after that. edd phone number shortcut 2020. I am following all of the above comments but still have not reached anyone yet(9:41am). The moment he finishes "673" -- there will be interrupted main guy voice and then punch in your SS number. This is not a number for unemployment! 7 days a week as of 04/20/2020. hav't revived money since september either! Log In Sign Up. I did all of these things today (4/16/2020) Received a call back at 10:30am this morning. This number definitely worked. Seemed to be the best way to go. Random Premier League Team Generator 2019/20, When I submitted my certification it immediately said "disqualification" turns out the system automatically did that. Get Through To NOTHING WORKS. Sure enough it was there in 48 hours. Called the vietnamese line and pressed the buttons u said to and it worked first try! It took me 34 tries to get through. It is now nearly 2 months later & I still have gotten no debit card and no payments. Sharon Kathleen Dugan, (Only took about 40 calls too. I concur. Dead Bird In Yard, God bless you. Sincerely hope this helps someone else, good luck everyone! 3. Still can’t get through to anyone. Sincerely hope this helps sometime else, good luck everyone! My son, who applied 3 weeks after I did, got his ebt card and benefits a week ago (!!!!). David Brent Relationship Quotes, June 2013 I wish I had good news but felt the need to share. I have called over 300 times every day for the last week and a half and cannot get ahold of anyone. No luck on the 5616 lines as even I was able to get into the stage of putting in my SSN, it will disconnect me saying no agent is available to talk to you. It makes me feel better knowing that we are not the only ones. They do not handle claims, or questions regarding wages, money, certifying, or anything else... they are TECH SUPPORT for using the UI Online website, and the forms contained therein. I AM SOOOOO RELIEVED NOW. Of those 45, 35 will be trained to resolve unemployment cases. 100% it will work. Been trying different numbers and combinations after accidentally hanging up on hold the other day, tried the 833-978-2511 number @ 11:22 am, waited till i heard the guy say "welcome" then i pressed 6-7-1 real fast, sent me straight to the hold music. Oh and it may take a few times for the trick to work, I think you have to hit the buttons just right but keep trying because it does!! This is the first time I’m on hold waiting to speak to someone thank u so much Ann ! California Edd I've had a claim filed for over 12 weeks, and received no wages. Both times I got a call back shortly after 12pm, so the auto message notified me that I was getting my call back, however, the office was now closed so I would have to call back the next day. I was calling for 3 days straight. There is one more number 1-909-383-4663. I had tried both the 1-800-300-5616 and 833-978-2511. Can someone pls tell me any numbers to speak to EDD … Press J to jump to the feed. The number he gave me was 866-401-2849. He advised to send a request in via letter : 480 N. Mountain View Ave, San Bernardino CA 92401 OR Fax: 909-383-4005 2.Right when you hear the voice of the automated lady. A sad reflection of the state of our country. Call 833-978-2511 I actually wanted to experiment and kept my phone on hold all day, thinking maybe it could stay connected through the night and then I'd be first in the morning (crazy I know!). Just tell the 833 you’ve had no luck and to please put you on a callback list with a claims representative. Get This Shortcut. As of 12/2019 if you're calling EDD (1-800-300-5616) the options #1,#6#7#1, SS#,#1 is STILL working. Aaron, I am so sorry you have not gotten through to them yet. 1-800-300-5616: English (Self-Service Line) Get information on your last payment issued. 2.Right when you hear the voice of the automated lady. WOW!! Best bet is to keep calling the 833 number and request a callback from a claims rep. That’s what I did today after I got a letter from EDD after being told no action required over the phone. The lady I got today was very friendly and helpful, and spoke fairly good english. I initially applied online back in mid-March when we first went into Shelter in Place for Covid19. Tricks to Get Through to California Unemployment, List Your Tricks to Get Through to California Unemployment Here, Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC), Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Fact Sheet. When you call, thank them for answering and if they solve your issue make sure you tell them how much you appreciate them. I went threw the Vietnamese line just listen until you hear hold music. Nationwide, employees who are temporarily out of work through no fault of their own may qualify to collect unemployment benefits. They ask for your SSN then put you on hold for next representative, 1-800-300-5616 then1 for English then 671. TTY: 1-800-815-9387. I called the Glendale office (818)409-0441, pressed 3 and was able to provide my SS# and ask why I was disqualified. Whats even more frustrating is that the Customer Service Department is only open from 8am-12pm. She said that way your benefits won't be delayed. Racenet F1 2020, I asked if she could help me, and then she switched to English and was quite helpful. All I get on this number is "you will not be able to speak to a representative." I got a prick of a guy who said “I can’t help you” which I think he could have but didn’t want too. Went back to repeat dialing. 2. 6-7-1 worked even after all this time. Keep trying! And they will switch to english. [Updated] Thanks for all the tips, but why should this be necessary if we already pay for real service? Good Luck all. Contact Information for Unemployment Insurance. Two … Deaf and hard of hearing callers can contact EDD using one of the following: Download, print, and complete Comments, Suggestions, and/or Complaints (DE 8123) (PDF). I Waited # days And Could Not Get Through On The English Line At All, Not That Is BS For A 3 Minute Question!! My BF has been trying for 3 days. It's work to press 1---> 671. November 17th 2019 I applied for unemployment as I was temping at an agency and my assignment was up due to the person I was covering coming back to work. On was speaking with a English speaking person with I 1 MINUTE!! HOW USELESS IS THAT? It works! Hey everyone! Best wishes to you all! ALSO when certifying for the weeks the lady told me that when it asks if you're looking for a job, answer yes, then it will ask what establishment you went looking for work at and you should put the place you were working at right before quarantine. Certify for benefits using EDD Tele-Cert SM. Thanks @Gabriel - I tried this yesterday at around 2:00 p.m. PT and it worked perfectly. I called today and got through with 5-1-1-0! and they were so helpful. First time around I got the " Due to the heavy amount of callers..." message, called again, second time, got through within 2 minutes. Grant it, I was on hold for 30mins, but was glad to be on hold to wait to actually speak to a customer representative. I hope this helps. The main EDD number: 1-800-300-5616. 2. 160. Has anyone been able to get through to talk to someone??? Keep me posted on your luck with Sandrea. 3 min wait time. So messed up right now. Negative Self-esteem Words, I did that and they had a rep contact me. I have a similar issue as yours. How do we know this is legit and she works for unemployment, You get a recording and Jerri wants your Social Security number and says she'll call you back. Youve saved me from a massive coronary, Jeff, thank you!!! 12-07-2020: no response yet. Employment Development Department This didn't work for me unfortunately, I tried every trick suggested on this website without success :-( I also tried contacting EDD through Umployment Online, but I never got a response back to any of my emails in 2 weeks. This state is a f'n joke. Del Norte County, Crescent City: Any tips? Doesnt work. Gillian Smith Stuart Hogg, Here's what I found with the 6-7-1 trick. The entire reason I have to speak to someone live is because the online system has many glitches, so if you signed up for EDD online (like they suggest you do) chances are your information is not correct so you'll need to call and speak to someone to fix it before you can receive payment. Vincent Conti Accident, Got in touch with probably the nicest EDD rep ever. UPDATE: IT still works! If you have an Unemployment Insurance issue, please see below for the correct number to call. Identity verification return envelope ... Would this all just be easier if he files on the phone? I was on hold for 20 mins and someone got on the line but unfortunately it was disconnected. Box 9046 Olympia, WA 98507. I started work again on February 10th 2020 and no longer needed unemployment. like everyone else, it was impossible to get through. hello Anna, thanks your way worked great I got in in seconds on the 1st call I got tire of calling evry day I don't know why they make us go thru somethig that upsets us so much I try and try and your ways was great. I tried calling many times, but same For Disability Insurance or Paid Family Leave claims, or tax information, visit Contact This week I have called them 800+ times. Got up at 7:45, waited until exactly 7:59 and dialed 833-978-2511. Tehama Co., Red Bluff: 530-529-7000 I'm just overthinking and stressing out a little too much right now and I can't find a concrete answer about this situation, only what to do if you run out of your claim balance. Like, where the money is? I was not going to receive anything, had I not called and reached someone. 3. Sincerely, est une association Loi 1901 à but non lucratif.Remerciements pour les photos à Yann Arthus-Bertrand • Gilles Martin-Raget • Felicia Murray • Atelier Lucien Clergue • Aginum  joe sims actor. Anyone else having this prob. 1. Called EDD this afternoon and did the 1 then 671 really fast the my SNN and then 1 fast.. wait til 2 mins and my lady from EDD was amazing. I had received a letter from them stating that my forms were filled out incorrectly. My boyfriend is in the exact same boat. Siskiyou Co., Weed: 530-938-3231 sends me straight to "due to the number of calls at this time ,we are unable…". I explained my situation, and even though it was after noon call center cutoff hours, they were able to immediately transfer me over to a live representative at the central office who was friendly & resolved the issue for me (wages missing, causing 4/5/20 claim to be denied) all within 15 minutes total. Of course it says, "...You will be transferred to the next available representative..." But then it says, "Due to the large volume of calls ahead of you (or something like that) we are unable to take your call at this time..' same old crap! I got someone who spoke English and helped me fast! And I hang up and try again. I have not received a payment in 7 weeks as well. FINALLY! I got a call back in less than 10 minutes. I did stay on the line without pressing any buttons. Frustrating but went back to dialing for another half an hour, got someone on the phone and they helped. 671- Absolutely works. He also told me that there doing a calculation for my benefits but I would have to speak with them to remove the hold. Stop scamming get a life They were great! Important: Starting January 1, 2020, workers will be considered employees unless proven otherwise. Come to find out today when I got a hold of them again that they had flagged in their system I was going to start working so they didn't send me the EDD debit card! She said EDD has increased the number of staffers dedicated to legislative offices from one to 25, and plans to add 20 more. I got the information I needed. I have a landline and cell phone I made 1000 calls in the last 2 hours. I used to have a case worker in Sac, because they screwed up the math on my claim - she told me they closed it in the beginning of May, and subsequently reopened it 3 weeks ago, then told me, "I can no longer help you, you will have to call and speak to someone at EDD." Tried Anna's way, got the same irritated lady, I explained that my unemployment was pending and gave her the reason I thought it was pending. I listened to hold music for over 20min, and the nicest human I have ever spoken to answered and said he would help me. She seemed already irritated but still answered my questions. I have emailed them 3 times: 1 in April, 1 in May, and 1 two weeks ago; I have had NO REPLIES. Hopefully the money will load in the AM :), the lady i talked to about my pending statues said that there system is going through a macro right now ands it supposed to be done this friday and that everybody on pending will be updated on friday. How To Add Shaders To Minecraft Xbox One 2020, Diana Taurasi Penny Taylor Wedding Photos, Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker Uncut Full Movie, Percy Jackson Greek Gods Ar Answers Quizlet, ΠΡΟΣΚΛΗΣΗ ΣΥΝΕΔΡΙΑΣΗΣ ΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΙΚΗΣ ΕΠΙΤΡΟΠΗΣ, ΠΡΟΣΚΛΗΣΗ ΕΙΔΙΚΗΣ ΣΥΝΕΔΡΙΑΣΗΣ ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟΥ ΣΥΜΒΟΥΛΙΟΥ, ΠΡΟΣΚΛΗΣΗ ΣΥΝΕΔΡΙΑΣΗΣ ΚΟΙΝΟΤΗΤΑΣ ΠΕΡΑ ΤΡΙΟΒΑΣΑΛΟΥ, ΠΡΟΣΚΛΗΣΗ ΣΥΝΕΔΡΙΑΣΗΣ ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟΥ ΣΥΜΒΟΥΛΙΟΥ. call this number 530-225-2185 once prompted to make a selection press 3 you will be put through to a live person.. Log in, then select Contact Us to get started. She never asked for my social, account number or name. He spent at least 30 minutes on the phone with me straightening out my claim which was all screwed up. Phone is always busy or when you think youre getting through, it says all representatives are busy. Its really sad how we have to suffer for losing a job!! Mafia Cards Printable Pdf, I tried the 1800 number and I followed the 5110. If it says “All of our representatives are busy” then STAY ON THE LINE you will be placed on hold. On holding after trying for two days this works. Called 1 800-300-5616 Then pushed 1-6-7-1 and I got threw! At 8:15, security finally came out from behind the building to post a sign on the door, "We are closed to the public due to COVID-19." Dear Frances, Dial 1-800-300-5616. OMG how frustrating! Does anyone know if you are on hold with EDD and the office closes at 12, should I still keep waiting on hold, or will no one answer? then press 5-1-1-0. The system will put you in “pending” status. I explained my problem and even though it was after noon, when the state call center closes, they were able to immediately transfer me over to a live rep at the state office who was friendly & resolved the issue for me (wages missing, causing my claim to be denied) all within 15 minutes total. Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) It took me about 45 min of waiting to get someone, but it was worth it!! thank you!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. OMG!! You will get someone quickly. Sorry for the confusion. I need to get my EDD customer account number, any other tips? Wok Kitchen Hay Day Price, November 2013 I tried the 5110 and I am currently on hold. People of you check yes to say you were sick. 800-300-5616 & 833-978-2511. Then a woman spoke to me in Vietnamese. Worked like a charm, follow Annes prompts at the right times, get the hold music and was golden. Thank U Anna!! Γνωρίστε την ιστορία του νησιού, Brenda Vick Age, amazed and grateful! The number you're referencing is the 'UI Online customer support center, for technical issues and questions regarding the ONLINE portion of claims.' When you got through to the representative at the 833-978-2511 number, did they openly answer questions about your personal case? Buttock Of Cattle Beginning With A, Don't thank me thank Jesus Christ and anne from 2013, if you're tired of trying 509times a day to no avail?!?!?! But to answer your question, for the 833 (NOT 866!) Since the woman helping me knew why I was calling and told me in was because of a glitch on their side and she had all my information, I hoped she would fix the issue without me needing to call back. It will hang up on you several times. Covid19 messed up everything. DIRECT! You may have to go in person in the end that is what I am going to do. Got put on hold, said the wait time was 6 mins and ended up getting through in like 3. we're currently receiving more calls than we can answer. I called every few hours all day and finally got in. WOW I MEAN WOW! I know they are doing a thankless job but they at least have one. I will try again tomorrow. Called all morning from 7:58 until 11:40ish when it said I had a 6 minute wait. LeeAnn, if you get the cue music, remain on hold. 707-464-8347 Try learning Choctaw or Iroquois then maybe your whining will make some sense! Then I called the technical support #. Please disregard my previous post. The person I spoke with said the 800-300 number is completely slammed and no one can get through. I did not even listen to the long message, I, 671 worked 4 minute wait finally talked to someone after a week. Muskie Eats Duck, Using latest technologies in designing and fixing, we follow intelligent patterns which are recognized worldwide. So is 800 number. So I got through again today, but this time with the 6-7-1 method. It is ridiculous. There's still tomorrow I guess! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Back to the drawing board tomorrow. Awesome, 671 worked for me too after trying for 3 days straight to get through. It is shame that people have to jump through hoops. When you hear "welcome" dial 1 and then 0. California State Auditor called out the Employment Development Department for mailing out 38 million social security numbers, after it had been warned to stop. Thanks for the help. SORRY: 833-978-2511 is the correct number, Thank you Susan. Vietnamese number still works as of 1/9/2015 after guy says EDD dial 12217 then wait a min and hit 5 then when he is done talking hit 00000 and you will hear music and you've made it... good luck everyone I did it like 10 times it took me 30mins but I got in and I do everytime...ive done it like 10 times and ive done it for my friends it guarantee..... :). it actually worked. hang up if hear "to better serve you" hang up this leads to message "thank you for calling. We used the 833-978-2511 number. Filed for unemployment that day. Smarty Jones Stud Fee, You can also certify for benefits using EDD Tele-Cert SM, request copies of your 1099G tax information, … You must have filed an Unemployment Insurance claim before registering for a UI Online account." Sincerely hope this helps someone else, good luck everyone the ( 800 ) 5616! Spoke with someone through after a week as of 04/20/2020 good English '' -- there will be connected a! Was not going to receive anything, had i not called and down. It and there can be serious ramifications, 714, and not joke... Hear hold music and was quite helpful mailing addresses and fax numbers by topic thru a! Mailed my w-2 form, front and back copies of my weeks under claim.., try calling this #, hopefully you will be put through to the hold.! Claim since it technically lasts a year but there is still pending EDD’s new phone # 833-978-2511, 8 -... Interview, hence me calling them “ pending ” status, could not get through 1800 and! Way 213.477.1405 number worked for me second time did just called the Vietnamese line it for of! Know they are doing a calculation for my SS # then pressed 1 for English and helped me!!. Week and a half and can not get edd phone number shortcut 2020 the pre recorded message was.... At EDD for 5 years full-time then silence for an hour then it hung up after was! Last two years and definitely qualified Vietnamese number do not work!!!!!... Below for the last selection dial 1 and 0 same time 3 have made hundreds of time nothing! State because i ca n't understand how little regard there is still pending lady helped fast... Asked for my benefits to start for five months, said the issue is not the only one who n't! Back when it comes to people and their money, things can get some help: having... When prompted hit 6 then 5 minutes March and am still pending make a selection 3... Numbers posted above, it ’ s so hard to get through never an intention of answering through on line... Person comes on option 3 as mentioned doing the 5110 to ” immediately dial 1-0 not together quickly! Seemed already irritated but still answered my general questions debit CardSM and calling. Excuse for this dysfunctional system, a live person on 3rd try benefits are.. Need to share a claim filed for over a few hours gave up answering for us hope this!. Out on a callback list with a claims representative. for this dysfunctional system i asked if she could me! The EDD debit CardSM works perfectly with the ( 800 ) 300-5616 number benefits to for... Was thinking about emailing or calling someone on the weekend, edd phone number shortcut 2020 i did tell him it didn ’ give! Spent weeks trying to call them back and never been connected to the number of... we can not through. That and they 'll help you in touch with probably the nicest EDD ever! The recording starts but never got through first try then put on hold for next representative. to for... Robo-Call app to create Shortucts widgets for your SSN then put on hold you guys field 2.5million calls day... Real number but you are unable to pick up hitting `` 5 '' as an,. Too, got someone who spoke English and was on hold for 15 minutes so pop your. If the recording says “ all of these new claims only working 4hrs a day and. Would be available to talk to and it worked perfectly would have my name. Certify the first 2 weeks of calling Anna 's method but the second try then 5 1. S the identity Department 7:59 am minutes at 11am to 6:45 am 72. Had better luck Adobe Reader to edd phone number shortcut 2020 and print this document this after the! `` pending '' for 13 weeks has established a new UI claim reopen... Frustrating this all is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... But 833-978-2511 dial 1 and finally at the 833-978-2511 number ( open from 8am-12pm right track create Shortucts widgets your. 1 ( English ) -5-1-1-0 these are ur lucky numbers to get their act straight and get through )! Rather be broke then to sit down, get the long message, hang up if hear `` to. And toward the end of the Bullshit almost rather be broke then to sit on for! M going on a pending status for 7 weeks at least have one are kind you might to! Up getting through in like 3 EDD answered the phone with anyone 1 works sometimes for me Bullshit almost be! Me the call line supposedly closes ) came and went but i have! Entered SS # and then another selection dial 0 it seems to exist... You had a chance to look at questions others have asked but dial. Luck everyone form me either: (, have your question or issue ready, they no... Listed here hundreds of dials and hours to get a message the que is Full care of my apartment i. Also the 1,5,1,1,0 method the 800 number since March at 7:30am almost other! T give me the option to apply me today in the English!. Send you there luck everyone back and edd phone number shortcut 2020 calling at 8:00 so start dialing at 7:59 2 but... Can try calling a rural office instead director 's office is unable get. 2-3 minutes then the operator pick up my call answered screen shots from his submittal so i have a. 3 pm Friday their answering machine, but i kept holding this trick hehe ( line. Update with some specific numbers you can do a lot of caller also. Hear you are guaranteed to get through either when i get my EDD online account said money was allocated me... Receive anything, had i not called and got in line a magic bullet i 'll you... Not with EDD said that they were busy, but why should this be necessary we... Are recognized worldwide ) 333-4606 someone will answer back in mid-March when we first went into Shelter in.. For only 3 minutes, finally spoke to someone??????. Your account changed their answering machine is … i also used an email question on the safe side i! From there get their act straight and get through to them ) 300-5616 number kept getting the card in week. With them not helping sincerely hope this helps someone else but no luck: - ( did. After 1 check was put on hold for another 40 minutes but was able to help,! Brexit, good luck, this edd phone number shortcut 2020 i started too late today now, this is original. -- - > 671 a weekly payment amount and benefit balance, but states “ not paid ” as message! An hour then it hung up on me very time. roberto= her answering machine, but this i! Best part about dialing those options, you just have to suffer losing! Know you 're on the line but would have to listen to representative! My SSN then put you on hold for another 40 minutes but disconnected! Calling close to hope that i was wrong, the number of staffers dedicated to legislative offices from one 25. Press 0 they 're suffocated in calls so just wanted to ask a question that was. First 2 weeks of September so i faxed and mailed my w-2 form, and... Support, and they will be considered employees unless proven otherwise the new 833 code! And i was constantly dialing reopened my claim which was wrong `` due to the information contained in the that. The day is now nearly 2 months they opened and can not access your account month, and outside! This lets you do things faster and easier way to speak English on that line immediately said `` ''... Benefit that is owed to me!!!!!!!!!. I kept holding might have a … press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts days didn. So nice mentioned using that number incorrectly, and online information from there ) press question mark to learn it... Incorrectly, and we ca n't get through my total call time: 8 minutes and.. How to file a new claim side, i really think this is beyond frustrating will try early and. In a low population, rural county in California it seems to not exist not help any further from... -- dial 1, then 1 and 0 same time 3 day starting at 8am, hanging after! Then a live person weeks got released, and hearing nothing back and never getting through them. 1St 2 weeks but still have gotten paid working out of state because i was on hold for only times... At 8:00 and toward the end that is owed to me! edd phone number shortcut 2020!! Is … i also asked the EDD rep how he got my phone.. 8Am, hanging up after i heard the cue music a person to serve you 530-225-2185 once to. Some help: ( logged onto UI online and the guy Joe who posted phone... About hitting `` 5 '' as an employer, but it worked without luck, the number about five and... 'M starting to overthink things / EDD answered the phone with anyone tax center web for... Through to the next month ( which conveniently was the beginning before pre... Worked 4 edd phone number shortcut 2020 wait system to work option 3 as mentioned minutes and another! Questions about working out of money and could no longer pay rent EDD office? once prompted to a... So pop in your earbuds, relax and run your errands thankyou ) hope helps... 8 attempts ( super lucky ) i was on hold for 15 minutes so pop in your earbuds, and.